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Research conducted under the auspices of AREST CF complies with the highest scientific and ethical standards, the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research and principles of good governance. AREST CF is a collaborative research group. Membership comprises of the Executive Committee and the Scientific Management Committee within the AREST CF governance structure.


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 "update with eight" feat. Shiv

What was your first job?
My first job was coaching a Year 7 Rugby Union side. The side went undefeated (nothing to do with me!)  for the season and so I ended my coaching career then, I still have a 100% winning record.

What was the last book you read?
The West Australian half of AREST will be happy to know it was The Shepherd’s Hut by Tim Winton, although I didn’t like it as much as some of his earlier works, he is definitely my favourite Australian author.

What was the last movie you have seen?
I just saw a movie called The Backtrack Boys, which is about a program that works with at-risk young boys to try and divert them away from juvenile justice pathways and into school or employment. I highly recommend it!! It was truly inspiring and shows what is possible when we don’t resort to punitive treatment of young people.

If you could have any three dinner companions who would they be?
I would say Barack Obama and Jacinda Adern for a view of the world that would fill me with optimism rather than pessimism, and Mark Waugh for tips on how to play elegant off drives.

If you could choose another career?
Growing up in New Zealand I always wanted to play for the All Blacks, I’m not sure how realistic that is an alternate career though!

What super power would like to have?
I really enjoying napping, so it would probably be the ability to nap at anytime or place?

Whose mind would you most like to read?
Probably Sarath, so that when he corrects my Ph.D., there is less red pen and mean comments.

Best award you have ever won? 
I think the trophy I got for taking a hat-trick in the 10B’s cricket team (all bowled in case anyone is interested).

"update with eight" feat. Tim  

What was your first job?
I worked in a video store (remember those?) It was the least stressful job I've had, with working in a 24-hour deli coming in as a close second.

What was the last book you read?
An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth - Chris Hadfield. I enjoyed hearing his perspective and the anecdotes about space, but I am not sure I could live my life by his philosophies: it sounds like a lot of work with no room for fun!

What was the last movie you have seen?
Annihilation. It was enjoyable and worth watching, but not as good as Garland's first film, Ex Machina.

If you could have any three dinner companions who would they be?
Ricky Gervais, as he cracks me up while being insightful (and he would love my dog).

Neil deGrasse Tyson, for his huge brain and passion for science and science communication.

Simone Giertz, for her light-hearted take on the world and her inspirational story of turning a self-taught hobby into a successful media career combining science and humour.

If you could choose another career?
Opening batsman for the Australian Cricket Team.

What superpower would you like to have?
Immune to procrastination. I'm sure my coworkers would appreciate me having this power, too!

Whose mind would you like to read?
George R.R. Martin, because I can't handle the suspense anymore.

Best award you have ever won? 
When I was eight I won a competition for a huge box of sweet Jurassic Park loot!